Taylor-Made Treatment

Dermalogica brings a line of products that combines the best of science with nature to actively improve skin health. I use Dermalogica products in all my skin treatments. At your first appointment I will assess your skin type and advise on the best daily routine and products to care for your skin.  

Dermalogica developed a range of skin treatment systems and products that can be mixed and matched. As a trained Dermalogica beauty therapist, I will provide a personalised skin care plan to achieve the best result.


Your Local Stockist

I am delighted to advise that 'Rebecca - Beauty Therapist' is now an official Dermalogica products stockist. Please contact me or visit my salon to discuss what products might be most suitable for your skin type and needs. You can then order and purchase the items from the salon.  

Ageing and Mature Skin

Dermalogica laboratories concentrate on researching the skin ageing process and have developed a comprehensive range of products for mature skin type and the control of skin ageing. I use these products especially with the Non-surgical Face Lifting procedure, which provides great results.

Complete Skin Care: Mix & Match


Every Dermalogica cleanser is soap-free and pH-balanced to protect the skin's natural moisture barrier. 


Ranging from ultra-gentle to more intense, there's a Dermalogica exfoliant for every skin condition. 


Designed to be used whenever skin needs a refresh, Dermalogica masques leave skin looking and feeling healthier - instantly. 


All Dermalogica toners are alcohol-free, so they hydrate and protect without over-drying. They also help skin absorb active ingredients from other Dermalogica treatment products.  


Each of Dermalogica moisturisers helps protect the skin's natural defenses while boosting hydration. They are also taylored to manage your top skin specific concerns. 

Eye Treatments

Dermalogica eye treatments work proactively to reverse premature signs of ageing and environmental damage by strengthening and firming the delicate skin around eyes. 

Lip Treatments

Dermalogica lip treatments restore the delicate skin around the lips to prevent, slow and help reverse signs of ageing. 

Skin Treatment Systems

Daily Skin Health

Unique formulas for optimum skin health.

AGE Smart

Control skin ageing at its source.

MediBac Clearing

 Outsmart adult acne with round-the-clock breakout clearing and prevention.

PowerBright TRx

Treat, control and prevent hyperpigmentation.


Gentlest formulas provide serious relief for sensitised skin.

Clear Start

Tough on breakouts, gentle on skin.

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